The number of Billionaires has tripled in the last 20 years.  The super yacht industry is searching for effective ways to reach new customers. Only a few media reach the right audience with the right content. YachtsXL aims to redress this issue, becoming the worlds leading film publisher for the superyacht industry.

Born out of the vision of its founder, Naval architect Maik van Zoggel, YachtsXL redefined the overall media landscape in the in large yacht industry in a number of big ways. We constancy strive to create and distribute top-quality media assets that leverage not only our clients in the industry but also third-party media and event partners.

Complemented with a in-house award winning production team  and studios, YachtsXL will continue creating a service that intonational elite clients, the super yacht industry and advertisers unabashedly love until we eventually, finally, reach our goal.