Cruise ship in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Leaving entrance
YachtsXL delivers superyacht experiences to inspire the next
generation superyacht owners. Creating inspiring and entertaining video
content and make them accessible for international elite clientele.
Founded: 2009
Chairman-Chief Executive Officer: Maik van Zoggel
Head office: YachtsXL, Sportlaan 6, 5258HN, Berlicum – The Netherlands

Our Story

The big idea for YachtsXL originated from Maik van Zoggel in 2008
during his last year at the university of Delft where he got his degree
in Naval Architecture in 2009. He found it strange that the Superyacht
Industry wasn't much using the power of digital to promote it selves.
And they couldn't stand it that the presentations of most of the beautiful
yachts where bad. Maik decided to team up with his older brother Roy
and together they founded YachtsXL, a game changing company to
present the industry on a different and more effective way then before.
Maik graduated and Roy quite his job and embarked on a great
entrepreneurial adventure Since then, YachtsXL has completed 200+
projects for more then 50 world renowned brands and yachts in 17
countries - 4 continents. And recently they opened an office in
Singapore, to serve the Asian market.

The brothers Maik (left) and Roy (right) at home in 2008.
Photoshoot for first company brochure.

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"Every day, we’re committed to open
the eyes of potential superyacht owners
around the globe to a world that many
of us have glimpsed but few of us ever
truly take the opportunity to explore.
We represent the best YachtsXL has
to offer because we deliver films to
people who only want the best"
Maik van Zoggel, Chairman - Chief Executive
Officer of YachtsXL.