Superyacht Destinations

About the series….

Ambitious and epic in scale, Superyacht Destinations is the ultimate portrait of yachting destinations capturing all the hotspots, jaw-dropping beauty and majestic opportunities of cruising in the greatest yachting destinations in the world.

A destination visit with a superyacht… With a floating boutique hotel for their own, super yacht owners and their families can experience the world with another perspective. This experience which is for the most people unknown, designedfor maximum energy and emotion.

From the perfect place to drench yourself in sun, to the ideal spot for reef-diving, super yacht destinations has it all. Packed with all the information from locals to experienced owners, this series will give you some insight of the most beautiful and remote, or bustling and cosmopolitan, destinations in the world.

Filmed against a backdrop of the planet’s most iconic landscapes – fjords and rocks, jungle and mountains, or bustling and city skylines – Superyacht Destinations reveals these hotspots in a completely new, hyper-real way, and from a whole new perspective.

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It’s time to experience the world from the waterside!