About the series….

An inspiring documentary following a Burmese family deep in the forests of northern Myanmar. Planting, producing and distributing Teak wood for a living, supporting a big part of their community with this trade. You will het to know the personal stories behing family members and employees, getting to know their culture, motives and inspiring background.

Myanmar is one of the most isolated countries in Southeast Asia. After many years of war and conflict, Myanmar is vastly underdeveloped. Myanmar is undergoing significant changes. The military regime has made way for democratic governance and a centrally directed economy has been exchanged for one that is market-driven. After many long years of war and conflict, huge efforts will be required to develop the country. The education system, for example, is due for a complete overhaul – bachelor’s education has actually been non-existent for the last twenty years. Water is one of the most critical factors for Myanmar’s development. Ninety per cent goes to agriculture, but efficiency is very low, with only five per cent of the water sources in use due to the lack of integral long-term water management. Agriculture is also crucial to economic development. To strengthen agricultural education in Myanmar, each of the fourteen provinces that make up this vast country has its own State Agricultural Institute.

In this documentary you will follow the complete process of this local community coop with the new political system and improving their agriculture from the actual wood, processing to the delivery in the unknown western countries. An honest report full of passion, humor, respect and teamwork. The culture of the country will be experienced as new and surprising and all this will maximize the image and enforce respect for the builders. The product will never be seen as “processed wood” again!

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